How To Maintain Your Home’s Landscape At No Cost!

Home Landscaping increases the value of your home as years passes by, it also creates healthier home through filtering those pollutants and thus, provides your family cleaner and fresh air. When feeling stress, your landscape is one of the best alternative ways to de-stress, your home landscape helps to keep your home ambiance cooler when summer season arrives.

For the meantime, let us discuss on how you can maintain your home landscapes at no cost at all!

  1.    Don’t kill those earthworms

If you have noticed that there are earthworms in your garden and/or landscape, do not be bothered as they are the signs that your soil is healthy. Just do not forget to fertilize the soil to keep your plants healthy.

  1.    Water them regularly

Like humans need to be hydrated, your landscape requires you to be properly irrigate. Do not drown them with lots of water, just a proper amount will do. New plants need more water than the old ones as the water will help them to grow fully. You may use a lawn sprinkler to apply at least 1 inch of water every day to avoid back pain of watering them all individually.

  1.    Pull out weeds

Those weeds will kill the growth of your plants as well as damage your home landscape. Pull them out wholly and make sure that roots are also eradicated, this will stop to re-occur.

  1.    Prune and trim

To maintain your plant’s good health pruning must be done at the right time, this is also to improve the quality of the flowers or fruit that it bears. While for trimming, if your plants are overgrown, it’s better to trim them rather than having a crowded home landscape. It blocks the chances of the other plants to grow.


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Advantages of Home Landscaping You Didn’t Know Will Satisfy You

Creating an eye-catching landscape is an important fact on how you manage your family and everything that surrounds you. It also brings out the creativity in you and how good you are when it comes to maintaining and taking care of your home landscaping.

Now, we will strategically discuss the advantages of home landscaping that will absolutely hook you to get started to have your own.

  1. Improving cognitive function.

Home owners find their home landscaping as a stress reliever when interacting with natute or by simply viewing through the window. Home based employees seem to be more productive and it also help those children suffering from ADHD to focus better.

  1. Silencer

Home landscaping is indeed a silencer, research has found almost 20-30% of noise environment are being reduced when you have a landscape at home.

  1. Boost up your health status

As you do home landscaping it does not only increases your home value sales, in fact there are also health benefits when managing a landscape such as:

  • You can burn as much as 300 calories as you burn those weeds within an hour. A equivalent calories you burn when you go walking or bicycling.
  • Burn as many calories as you gardening within 45 minutes. Same equivalent time of aerobics you do in 30 minutes.
  1. Enjoy steady supply of food

Don’t you know to have a home landscape can lessen your expenses everytime you go and shop at the grocery store. You can plant and have multiple stocks from your garden like apples, pumpkins, squash, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables you can plant at your home garden. No need to add those fruits and vegetables to your list, you can just pick them up right at your property.

  1. It increases your vitamin D level

Based on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition way back in 2004, vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. As you expose yourself to the sunlight while gardening or planting at your home landscape, it prevents you to have chronic illnesses in the future as you grow older like rheumatoid arthritis and hyperparathyroidism that sometimes when you don’t have time to get heal might lead you to have osteoporosis.

  1. Energy Conservation

Shrubs, bushes and trees can protect you from hot temperature during summer as it they all swing and provide you fresher air. At night when the temperature gets colder, there’s no need for you to turn on the air-conditioning as the wind makes you shiver already.


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Freshen up your Landscape with these Jaw Dropping Ideas

Never let your home landscape to be boring!

Beautify your garden or backyard with these jaw-dropping landscaping ideas we have prepared just for you. We know that you don’t want to get bored at home and you need something to spice up everything, we generously give you this list, enjoy!

Thanks go out to for these suggestions-

  1. Perennial plants

If you are feminist and you totally love your home to be surrounded with flowers, you should choose perennial plants to have a wondrous landscape that will welcome everyone in your community. You can choose various types of perennial plant like catmint, saffron, daisies, agave, poppy and lavender.

  1. Replace lawn with rocks or pebbles

If you notice that every time you go home from work that your landscape doesn’t give you a satisfaction maybe it is the perfect time to replace those old lawns with rocks and pebbles. Make those rocks and pebbles colourful with paint to make it more cheerful to look at.

  1. Floral Walkway

If you’re a type of homeowner longing to have a sweet walkway as you approach the main door of your house, you better plant large and eye-catching flowers that will grow around the fences you have installed to create a gorgeous walkway towards your home. In the end, you’ll get the feeling that every day seems like your wedding day.

  1. Make your home landscape to be your private place

Home landscape does not meant to be just a decoration at your home, you can also use it as your personal place whenever you’re alone or you just want to relax read a book or zip your favourite cup of Joe in the morning or in the evening. Sometimes being away from your device or any gadgets will make you realize that life is more meaningful if you tend to enjoy the things you have rather than spending the entire time locking yourself inside your home.

  1. Plant and cover

If you have a damaged area within your home’s vicinity and you’ve decided to let it stay as is because eventually no one will notice it, it’s better to plant lady’s mantle bloom and oak-leaf hydrangeas in the damaged area to cover it up. It also adds up cool temperature of your home.

We hope this list would help you to decide which will work best for you and for the budget you have allotted to spend to your home’s landscape.


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